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stephen savastano

Some starting out advice please

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Hi all


So, as some of you would have read, I've got £35k total to invest, which I obviously know isn't a great deal, my question is, because I may decide to buy at auction, I've signed up to EIG and it has some great information, but if I go and view a number of properties that I would like to offer on do I have surveys done On all of them ? If so what is the rough cost of that ? And also for the solicitors to look at all the lega packs of them ? I run the risk of losing my £35k just in surveys and solicitors fees hahaha


any suggestions or advice please ?


thank you 



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understanding the legal pack is critical - at least the main points and i always get my solicitor to give the once over to my shortlist of properties - he tends not to charge me as i use him for all my deals. I don't bother with surveys as i am familiar enough to spot major/structural issues and everything else gets covered by by normal full refurb. To be honest 35k won't get you far in an auction..

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