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Hi from another newbie

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Hi everyone,


My name is Noah, and I have been developing an interest in property after reading various works of Robert Kiyosaki, Grant Cardone and of course, both the Robs.

While i haven't developed a clear cut goal as of yet, I would like to achieve financial freedom at some point in the future, so as to enjoy life to the full without having to work 9-5 for somebody else.

I live in Market Harborough, a stone's throw away from Leicester, so I would be focusing on property in my local area to start with, then to expand my portfolio wider in the future.

Presently, I have read Rob's book "The Complete guide to Property Investment" and have been working through The Property hub podcast. I hope to connect with people here and at events in the future.

Always willing to learn

Kind regards

Noah Duffin

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