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Hi All,


Me (25) and my wife (22) are thinking about buying a property. I currently Work in Chandlers Ford as A design Engineer and we live in Eastleigh. We are starting to look at properties this weekend but wanted your opinion on where to buy.


Budget: 250k max probably more around 200k


We have been thinking of trying to get a property close to Eastleigh Train Station. Chandlers Ford is also an option but is slightly more expensive. I don't think i'm as keen on buying in Portswood but I could be wrong. Basically I don't know the area well enough to know 100% where to buy. I mean I would like to to go up in value :) .


Any insight you have would be invaluable so thank you in advance!

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Well it all depends on whether you are looking for maximum capital growth or just a nice place to live.  Looking for future capital growth may mean you have to be content to live in an area that isn't so "up market" with a view that in 5 years time you may be able to sell on at a big enough profit to then move to an area that you want to live in long term.

If you aren't looking to start a family for 5 years then my advice would be to choose an area that is below average in price but that has room for growth - maybe new transport options, increase in University availability, new Employers moving to area.  Then choose a dooer-upper that would be attractive for possible buy to let options.


If your wife has a dream of a beautiful cottage with roses round the door and 2.4 kids then unless she supports your choice 100% then you should just choose somewhere that both of you want to live - less stress and a happy relationship!

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