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Newbie Londoner Looking to Invest in the North

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Hi all. I hope you're all well :)


My names Naj. I live in East London. 


I am new to investing and hoping to get my hands on my first property. I have some experience working as a sales and lettings agent in East London. While at work I always wondered about investing up North. Most of our Landlords at work either lived close to their property or had previously. This made the thought of investing up North a terrifying thought. I put that thought on hold with that worry in mind.


I have since come across Rob & Rob's podcasts and what a breathr of fresh air that has been for me. The podcasts have brang me on to this forum.


I have 20k saved in the bank. My areas of interest are Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool. I would ideally like to find locations around these major cities with easy commute into the City Centre and universities. Ideally I would have liked to have bought a freehold property but I know it is a lot to ask for with the amount if deposit I have saved so I am open to 1 or 2 bedroom flats. The idea is to keep investing and build a portfolio, renting for as long as possible hoping to see the price of the properties increase over time.


I am hoping the forums will help me find the right location as well as make contacts to build a team to maintain my future investments. 


I hope others get in touch and to meet others at the Property Hub meetups soon.



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