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Newbie - Birmingham (looking at Hull to Invest in)

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Hi there,


I'm new to property investment. I've been researching for a while and decided I will start with basic single lets, 2 -3 bed apartments or houses. I also think that I do not necessarily need to invest near to where I live, which is the West Midlands. Although I'm still looking into the area, and haven't ruled it out. I keep getting drawn back to Hull and interested in some local information about the area. As it's won the UK city of culture 2017 I'm hoping this might have the same effect as it did in Liverpool a few years ago with investment looking promising. The house prices seem reasonable and the rent, although obviously low for some parts of the city, do seem to yield OK for the cost of each property. I am however a little concerned about the demand versus supply in the area. Does anyone who already invests in Hull have any advice please? Areas to avoid or to aim for, type of property to target etc.





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Hi Martin. i hooe you're well.


I am a newbie in London also looking in to Hull.


Would be great to know how you get on and what your findings are. 


I have personally seen some terraced houses which have been turned in to flats. This has grabbed my attention and will possibly look out for these. In regards to location, walking distance to the station is never a bad thing.


Look forward to hearing from you!



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Hi Martin,


Welcome to the forum and thanks for your question!


I’ve invested in Hull and was drawn to the city for the same reasons as yourself - the regeneration projects can only have a positive impact on the city.


As you've rightly pointed out, the yields are attractive and the good news is I've always found it easy to rent my property out.


As for areas to invest, if you're a Property Hub magazine subscriber, you'll be able to access the back issue that includes a big feature on this very subject. If you're not a subscriber, check out this link: thepropertyhub.net/magazine


I promise it's very good! ;)





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Hi Naj,


Thanks for the advice. I think you're right about walking distance to stations. I'm sure the Robs would be eager to stress the fundamentals t this point. From what I can tell as Hull isn't too big everywhere seems quite close to something, whether that be the main centre, the old town, the university or the new siemens factory. My plan is have a drive up there one weekend in May to take a proper look. 


Hi Rob,


Thanks for the reassurance. I thought I'd heard you say on one of the podcasts that you've invested in Hull. It's good to know that although I haven't invested in any property yet that I seem to be on the right track. I am a new subscriber of the magazine so I'll check out the back issues to see what's been said about Hull. It's good to hear that they rent out well. That was one of my main concerns.


Thanks Both. I'll let you know how I get on with my visit to Hull





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