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Hi All,


I'm a driven marketing executive with over 10 years experience in the construction sector and I am based in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham. I have extensive knowledge of digital & direct marketing, event planning and marketing research. I am CIM level 4 qualified and I have a passion for anything property, finance and marketing.


I have a stable job but I would like to work for a property investment company or a company that buys, sells or develops properties.


I am planning to buy my first investment property in the next few months and I am a huge fan of Rob and Rob so I have listened to all the podcasts, read all their books and completed all the courses on the property hub. I love learning about property and I would love to get some hands on experience by working for a property investor, even if it's helping for free on weekends.


If you think I can work for you or any of your property investor contacts please let me know!


Thanks for reading!


Best Regards 


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