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17 and ambitious - which path should I take?

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Hello guys! 

As you look into my profile, you will probably notice that I have been on this forum before and introduced myself, however, due to A Levels and being a carer to my mum, I never really got off the ground in property investment. I left being active on the forum around the time when the new tax changes were made by the Cameron administration, by G. Osbourne. At this point, it seemed to me that property was more of a burden than a good investment, however, I was advised the opposite when posting in the forum.

Now I am back, I have a lot more to work with. Myself and a friend are close to finally opening a business that we have been planning for a while now, we hope to franchise this business in 3 years. Since his dad is a reputable property mogul, alongside having several pharmacies; I trust his word in that our business plan is good, especially when he will be investing into the business, alongside being a guarantor to both of us during negotiations with our business bank regarding a loan. 

Since I am 17, and none of my family members hold a particularly good credit rating, it will be hard to jump on the property ladder right now (I presume), however, with affiliations I am making with the bank through my newly formed business, I hope to gain some kind of reputation that will allow me to start on my buy-to-let dream.


I have a few questions about the industry and would love for some help! :) 

  1. Is the BTL market still one that is profitable, or would I be looking at having to find properties that are massively below market value to gain any sort of profits?
  2. Are yields of properties any good still, since interest rates are low, I presume so.
  3. Is the housing market looking like it will crash anytime soon? Property prices are at a all time high, alongside the share market - this usually suggests a bust.
  4. How would you recommend I get into property? What strategy should I take? 
  5. Would mid 18 years of age be a good time to start investing?


And something that is totally off topic!

  1. What is your story? 


Thank you guys!

Mikhil Kanabar (Vasant)

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Hi Mikhil,


Super impressed by your ambition. I wish I was this switched on at 17!


Great questions - here’s my answers:


1 - yes, the BTL market is certainly still profitable. There's enough of us in this forum who can testify. It's not a path to quick riches, but if you're in it for the long term, you should be fine. At 17, you've got plenty of time ahead to create a profitable portfolio.


2 - yes, yields are certainly more attractive than saving accounts or ISAs. Are we talking life-changing sums? No, but the real wealth in property is created through capital growth over time.


3 - This is the type of question that will get people talking, but Rob and I believe the property market moves in 18 year cycles. Take a listen to the following podcasts, I think you’ll find them interesting and educational:


The 18 Year Property Cycle

Where Are We In The 18 Year Property Cycle?


4&5 - Investing at 18 years old is a fantastic time to start if you want to create long term wealth. Forget strategies for now and ensure you focus on clearly defining your goals. Once you have done this, it will help you to work on your strategy. Goals come first. The Laying The Foundations course will really help you with this.


My other pieces of advice are: continue what you're doing, listen to the podcasts, sign up for the magazine, and most importantly, keep asking questions - you can always send your questions to us here via Ask Rob and Rob and we’ll turn them into a podcast!


Good luck with your journey!



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Was going to answer some of your questions from my perspective but seems a bit redundant/ cheeky now that Rob B has! 


One point I would make though is a lot of the views that "BTL market is dead" are coming from experienced guys who are used to making enormous returns with very little tax liability. For want of a better phrase they have spit the dummy out a little (understandably at least to some extent). If you're just coming into things now you'll find you can still make good returns. We try and hit at least 15% ROI form the rental yield alone even with the tax changes. Long term property will inevitably appreciate too. 


Just wanted to say that's really impressive to be so switched on at such a young age Mikhil. All the best with the new business/ investment plan which I'm sure you'll do well with, 



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