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Accidental Landlord Looking to Become Serious

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Hello all,


I am Simon and I currently have 4 properties - all of which were purchased for non-investment reasons 2 for my parents to live in (they decided to move after the first one so now it is tenanted!), one for my sister to live in, and my own property.  I live in London in my property and the rest are in my home town of Peterborough and were bought between 2007 and 2012 there is a little bit of equity tied up across these properties.


Having worked in London (business analyst in banking) for 8 years and investing in a couple of different businesses, I now want to move into property full time.  My key skills are financial modelling (I used to get paid to make models in excel / create strategies and business processes) but I am only too aware that I am lacking in a lot of key skills required to develop this new career.  I am wanting to partner with people much smarter than myself to help me grow out a portfolio where I can build a long term income and capital base with re-mortgaging out value and moving on with deposits.


I believe in virtuous business and ensuring that deals made are good for all parties with fair value.


So that's the (maybe too much) information on me! Pleased to join the community and happy to make the acquaintance of anyone whose goals may be aligned with my own or who can offer guidance on how to get moving at pace.







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