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Hello to everyone,


Hope all of you are well despite this strange cold weather in May. I am relative new to the industry, however have gained knowledge and experience in Finance and Investment and extensive customer service. This is what I am bringing to the property sourcing sector. It is often discouraging to see sourcers who perhaps mean well, not listening to you and your situation. Whilst searching an investment opportunity recently for a relative of mine, I consistently came across property sourcers who will take in your information and your requirement but will disregard that to simply bombard you with all sort of "deals" that you did not ask for and sometime not even in your goldmine area.


Due to this stressful experience, I decided to start sourcing for home buyers and potential investors; to work and pour all my energy in finding you a deal that matches your unique requirements and situation. I would love to have a chat with property investors and home buyers to establish what issues and pain they experience whilst either sourcing themselves or through an existing property sourcers


I am currently based in East London, for now that will be my focus and will expand accordingly.


Look forward to hearing from you.

Have a fantastic day.


Henoc Mimbo


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