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Hi all,


     Soon to become a first time buyer (I know that can be a hot topic in itself among seasoned investors), will also be looking to start up a portfolio about the same time. My brother is a damn good plasterer and that has led to both of us having a good basic knowledge of everything needed to take on a project mostly to ourselves. We began with the idea that refurbishing Buy-to-Sell properties would be an ideal side venture. After plugging in to many an episode of the property podcast at work I've managed to bring my brother round to the idea of recycling our deposit and building up a portfolio of Buy-to-Lets instead. We're pretty confident with the donkey work but are hoping to be very hands off when it comes to letting management, if anyone has some recommendations for the Swansea area regarding Letting Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Conveyancing then let me know!


     Love the Podcast, it's given me so much ammunition to go into this with one hell of a confidence boost and a re-assurance that I can rely on R&R for the information I need to make this a success!


     Cheers R&R!



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