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Return of Deposit

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Recently, I visited a room available for rent and part of a house share. The room was advertised as furnished,, but not to my satisfaction. I had seen the room some months previously, but there were no changes.


I paid a deposit to secure the room in case I was unable to find anything better. I did fine a better alternative.


The landlord originally offered to return the deposit, but because I delayed in requesting it he said that he will deduct  £100 for his and the tenants wasted time, and non-fulfilment of the contract; although he sent me a contract, I did not sign it.


He mentioned the fact that I was difficult to contact, but failed to mention that all my texts went unanswered, and all my calls went to voicemail,, and were  unanswered.


My question is: can he deduct £100 for, in his judgement,, time wasted,, and ignoring my wasted time.


If not, how should I proceed?



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