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Hi everyone,


I have been meaning to do this for a while.  I am a Belfast investor who having moved to the city this year am enthused by the dozens of cranes in the skyline that havnt been here in such numbers ever.


I prefer professional new build apts in central belfast areas.  I will be in the position to buy another property towards the end of the year and at the minute the north of England is the most appealing as frankly I cant find the deals here at home.   


I have tried to contact developers as an individual investor to get bmv deals to no avail and tried negotiating a price reduction as part of a multi purchase with my dad again to no avail.  But I did get further with the latter approach and was wondering:


a ) Is there a property club in belfast, an inner circle as such.  PM me if you don't want to share publically.

b ) If not, I would like to start a club or business that might specialise in approaching developers with a group of investors as a negotiating tool to get bmv deals with new build apartments/houses.


I have tried to get Rob to consider Belfast to no avail ;) 


I also would love to get some of your views in starting up such an enterprise and what pitfalls I need to consider.


Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing from everyone.








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HI Eoin,


I have found the same issue even when wanting to buy upwards of 10 apartments in one transaction. 

So little new development going on it remains a seller's market in the south of the city and city center. 


If you go north or into the east some deals are to be found but the very local market is the trade off.

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Hi guys

Don't know if this is what your looking for but there is a Belfast property meet and its on the 1st Thursday of every month at The Mac in Belfast and run by Chris and Mary Selwood.  www.Belfastpropertymeet.com 

A lot people go and its good for networking.

let me know if you need anymore info Konky85@live.co.uk

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