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Mortgage Advisor Needed Who Deals With Foreign Income.

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Hello Hubbers, 


I am a newbie to the group who is looking to get into property investing.


The first step in my Plan is to find a Mortgage Advisor who has experience with dealing clients who earn a foreign income.


My Situation is as follows:


  • My American Wife and I (I'm English) have just moved to the UK after 7 years of traveling.
  • Our online business is registered in the US and earns in US$.
  • We are first time buyers.
  • We are looking at BLT investments in the Peterborough and surrounding areas.


If anyone can or knows of someone, I would really appreciate the help. Ive already spoken to a local broker who doesn't seem interested in working with me.


I look forward to hearing from someone.......anyone........And Thank you in Advance :) 

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