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Rich dad education/legacy training refund

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Hello all. 


Ive signed up to the property hub looking for advice. 


I recently attentended a free rich dad seminar which I'm sure a lot of you have probably heard of. After the the 2 hours  I decided to pay for the 3 day training course. I left with the free tablet and then proceeded to research the course. And ultimately decided get a refund. 


Speaking to to customer services, I was advised as to what to do to get my refund, which was basically to return the tablet and fill out the refund form and return it with the tablet. So that's what I did, recorded delivery of course. This happened just three days after the initial seminar. 


Two days after I sent everything back I get a know on my front door at 21:00 and a lady says "hi, I have a package for you" (all very friendly). So I take it, I didn't have to sign for it and the was no postage stamps on it. Just my name and address. 


I open it and its the tablet I'd sent a couple of days before, minus my refund form. 


This is was a Friday night (14/07/17) and of course they don't operate over the weekend so I can't call to see what this all means. 


Im completely baffled by the situation. I've read all the T&C's and can't find anything relating to this. And I'm wondering what will happen next. 


Ive read that in the uk for the most part people have received a refund seemingly without too much issues. Especially within the 14 day cool off period. 


Has as anyone else been in this situation regarding the tablet being returned randomly? 


Any advice on the situation would be greatly appreciated. 







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