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Student looking to get involved in property over the next year

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Hey everyone, my name is Francis and I'm currently a student at university. I've been looking to start investing into property, acquiring my first asset either this year or early next year. 

I was wondering if anyone would be able to offer me some advice for making my first investment.


Thanks a lot in advance,


looking forward to getting more involved with this community,



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Good to hear you're almost ready to start investing.


advice? I would suggest deciding what you want to achieve from investing before doing anything. This will then enable you to decide on a strategy including location, property type etc


good luck if you would like any more advice (whilst I don't profess to be the oracle) please don't hesitate to contact me johnlugsden@live.com

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Hey Francis, 

Good decision to ask for advice! The best thing I did prior to investing was to ask plenty of questions. 


Ask questions to those who have been there and done it. Ask the "experts" especially the ones who don't charge. 

I used to set myself a goal of at least one networking event per month, at least 1 podcast a day and 1 book per month; quite frequently achieving 2-3 networking events per month, at least one audio book a month and more podcasts then i could count

Talk to as many professionals including property sourcers, investment companies, accountants and estate agents. Exhaust all the "free information"  you can before putting any money into courses and even then, do a lot of due diligence on any course you're interested in investing in

Soak up all the information you can and educate yourself to the point where you feel confident about creating and following a plan.

Best of luck on your new journey! :)

Feel free to add me on Linkedin;   https://uk.linkedin.com/in/dkidd

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