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I am currently in the process of looking at a holiday let and first of all wondered if anyone had any experience? Would you recommend as a safe bet as part of a property portfolio (that also allows you to get some occasional use of) or is it a lot of hard work for little financial and personal gain? Also is the yield calculation the same?


Secondly (and I think I know the answer to this)... we have just discovered that the one we were looking at is a Grade 2 listed building, which kind of puts me off! Would anyone touch a listed property as an investment?


It's a beautiful property, in a lovely location (countryside, sea view, 10 min walk to beach etc) but has been on the market quite a while... and reduced twice. I'm guessing we have just discovered why.....


Would be interested in your thoughts/pointers... as I am new to this!




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Hi Ginger,


The returns can be a lot better-but it depends how hands on you want to be.


If I were you, my first step would be to find a mortgage provider who is happy for this arrangement-there are very few on the market! Unless you are buying cash of course!


As well as this forum (which is of course excellent!) I would look at the Property Tribes forum, as they have a whole topic on FHLs (furnished holiday lets) and the founder of the site is a big proponent of them!


Good Luck!



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