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Handyman in Crewe, Warrington area

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Hi Guys,


I have started with my first BTL propety. It is based in Crewe and I will be managing it myself, just to save money for the deposit for next one.

I am based in South and thus looking for contacts/recommendation of good handyman, contractor who should be able to do small fixes, etc. Any suggestion from you guys, where should I look or how should I get hold of any decent person.


Thank you very much in advance.

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Thanks Greg. 

I was looking at properties in St.helens and got really excited with the houses someone can buy for the price. 

Which are are good areas in St.helens for investment. 

My budget is fairly small and not looking for properties under 60-70k mark. 

I am looking to pick up my first refurbishment project, so that I can add the value to the property. Keeping it low cost will minimise risk for the first project as well. 


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St Helens is my local area so I would like to think I know the place very well.

It's has it little pockets that can make for really good cashflowing investments - Not the best area for capital appreciation so the area is dependant on your strategy. You could make BRR work but flipping could be more of a challenge.


Do you plan on visiting the area ?

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I am not planning for flips. My strategy is buy and hold, and thinking to keep it for long term. BRR is exciting and the right type of strategy where I can add the value to the property and eventually recycle the cash invested. I was performing search on rightmove with 20-30 miles radius from Manchester. This was the time when I spotted St.Helens and some opportunities which can be good candidate for BRR(although thats my novice opnion).

As I am in full time employment at the moment. so I make my visits to North on weekends. In next couple of weeks I am planning to visit St.Helens.

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I follow the same strategy and I feel that at the moment because the local market is a little uncertain it's a good time to buy.

Just be careful investing in St Helens as there are some pitfalls but in the breath there are some very good pockets to invest.



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