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Browser Extensions for Yield comparison

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Hi All 


I was wondering if anyone has come across any browser extensions similar to Property Bee or Property Track, but specifically for easily estimating a potential yield of a property on a particular street? It would obviously be more difficult for rural locations, or areas where there is little precedent of existing yields, but for city research, with vanilla btl, I think this would be a really useful tool.  


e.g. researching different areas, and without having to need to keep switching from different tabs with Rightmove open, one with rent and one for properties for sale! 


If there is nothing worthwhile out there, I might try and work with someone to develop it myself. 


Would be good to hear people's thoughts. 



Ed Davidson

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Those are the only two decent property plugins I know of. The difficulty will be getting access the data that would provide that information.

I think Property Bee relies on it's users making searches and feeding the info into their database, while Property Tracker just picks up the asking prices from Rightmove. The sort of tool you are thinking of would need data from rightmove/zoopla/mouseprice or similar to get the data to base it's calculation on, and I think that is where you will have trouble. Zoopla does have an open API with a 100 calls per hour limit (and I'm not sure it includes rental data) and Rightmove just has a pretty limited datafeed. I think you might find it hard to get enough good data from them to do what you want.

A friend of mine was working on something where he was screen scraping data from the websites. It worked but was very slow

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Thanks James a. 

Would be interesting to try and build an MVP for it based on that 100 calls per hour limit, to see if it could work, with an acceptable degree of accuracy. 

Are there any devs you know out there that have an interest in property, that could could see if they would interested in building it?

Or potentially through upwork/freelancer?


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I spoke to my friend this morning about what he was up to and it seems that at the moment he is concentrating on a price comparison and calculation tool for Serviced Accommodation that the moment as that is his personal area of interest. Once he has completed that he is planning to go back to work on a property pricing and rental calculation tool. It will probably all become one application at some point.


He wants to turn this into a tool he can sell so not currently interested it putting any of it in the public domain at this time. I've had a little input to it over the last year so hopefully he'll let me beta test it when the time comes.

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I'm a landlord, property geek and dev; I've built https://www.patma.co.uk/prospector/property-profit-and-yield-calculator/ and https://www.patma.co.uk/prospector/ - that page is very short on info but the tool allows you to create a scenario (cash available, mortgage criteria, etc) and then grab properties from Rightmove (or enter them manually) to calculate all the important figures, including yield.


It doesn't (yet) cover exactly what you want though - providing an estimated rental value based on other properties in the area.  Although this is something I've already started work on, including getting Zoopla API access.  I hadn't planned to finish that feature just yet but I could probably be convinced to, especially if you're willing to test and provide feedback?




(Edit: I should also add, this isn't a browser extension.)

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