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Looking for Decorator Recommendations in Nottingham....

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Wondered if anyone could recommend a good decorator in the Nottingham/Rushcliffe area (who won't charge the West Bridgford premium!)... ideally with good plastering skills and/or contacts?


Initially this will be for our own house, which desperately needs a lick of paint, but the plan is to add them to my property 'team' list if they are any good! In the set-up stage of my property journey and thought this would be a good way of testing some tradespeople out.


Any recommendations (or don't touch with a barge pole) would be greatly received.


Thank You!


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I can recommend Gary Thomas who is my longest serving tradesman. He is always busy so you would need to book in advance but he will stick to dates and commitments. He will only do small amounts of remedial plaster so depends how serious the plaster work is.


Gary Thomas 07774 284695


Just mention my name when you call.


Hope this helps



The Nottingham Meetup takes place on the second Thursday of every month, find out more on Eventbrite (Nottingham Property Circle)

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