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Hi,  longtime lurker, first-time poster here! 


I hope someone on here will be able to give me an answer to a quick question..


I have an AST with a tenant that expires next month. For a couple different reasons, I'm considering letting the contract roll on for a few months (up to 6) and then asking her to sign a new AST (with a small rent rise) in the new year. The new contract will start on a date that is preferable to me so I benefit in that regard. The tenant is currently going through a bad time and doesn't want to sign a new contract at the moment.


So the question is: Is there any risk with this strategy? My understanding of letting an AST roll on after the expiry date is that the terms will be exactly the same eg .s 21 for eviction, notice periods etc all remain the same, if any problems arose during that period. So what can go wrong if anything?


thanks in advance for any advice.


Mike the landlord



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