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How to get your property offer accepted

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Hi Guys!


I had an offer accepted on a property on Tuesday this week, two days before this podcast came out.  I really did want to wait until Thursday and hear your tips but time was of the essence.


After listening to the podcast this morning, I was pleased to discover that I had implemented most of your suggestions (apart from putting my offer in writing).  I was almost stumped at the first hurdle though, which was what my first offer should be.  The property was listed as 'Offers in Excess of' , so I wasn't sure where to start.  I didn't want to offer too low and be insulting, but know that starting low is the way to go.  I had built a relationship with the vendor during the two visits I made to the property and this was commented upon by the agent when he advised me that my first offer was turned down.  My second offer was accepted, even though it was less than what the agent said the vendor was looking for.


I am so excited (if a little scared) and now looking forward to the journey to completion.  This hub and this community have been instrumental in my journey and I shall keep you posted of progress.

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