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How to find and buy land

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I used to .....wait a minute I still do

Purchase property with enough surrounding land to build one or two new property's

What I consider small development projects

I'm about to apply for some new builds on a piece of land that came with a property I purchased

I've built a property's now

My first one I actually knocked down the bungalow I was living in ,I lived in the garden in a mobile home

The next was a bungalow in Cornwall with a large garden where I secured planning for another three bed bungalow

My current one is a large house with an illegal extension to the rear

I secured permission for three two bed flats and the illegally extension will now become a two bed house

That leaves me with a free building plot to the side of the property,it's a bit of an unusual plot as it adjoins a park in Plymouth there's a large work of art sitting in front of the plot and the rear of the plot rises dramatically into an area of woodland

I'm thinking of going with two blocks of garages with coach houses on top  as highways previously commented on parking issues on site 

But I might go with something down the grand design type of thing

Anyway that's the way I do it ,get it free 

If there's one pearl of wisdom I can offer its that you should really tell your mortgage provider that you just knocked their house down

Or maybe not............

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Just listened to the great podcast on buying land from Rob and Rob. 

I have a long-term plan to buy some land in the south of England to build a house on (longer term, I would love to develop on land for rent)

Until now, I have been looking on Rightmove, but following advice on the podcasts, it looks like an agent is the way forward. 

Can anyone recommend an agent for buying land - or at least point me in the right direction? I'd prefer to start with a few recommendations than to just google 



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