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HELP , what's the best move forward as an investor ?

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Hi , looking for advice .  I am about to buy my first buy to let property I have three choices of interest rate . 

1/ 2.73% with an arrangement fee £1995 making monthly payment £234.88

2/ 2.89% with an arrangement fee of £ 995 making a monthly payment of £246.24 

3/ 3.05% with no arrangement fee making a monthly payment of £257.34


 As an arrangement fee can be offset against tax is it better for me to pay that upfront ,offsetting it this tax year and earning more profit ,or am I better to go for the overall cheaper option number 3?


 I am just starting to get used to thinking like an investor rather than a home owner who of course would go for the overall cheaper option the mortgage I have will be interest only in this case so surely cash flow is best .



please help 


newbie ruth !

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You need help from 2 people, 1 a mortgage broker who will work out total cost of the rate and fee over a set period of time, thus giving you the cheaper option over a set period of time, and then an accountant/tax advisor who can advise the most tax efficient option.

Wesley Davidson


Director & mortgage broker



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Hi Ruth,


How long is your deal fixed for and what are your intentions for when that deal ends? Will you move to another provider? 

If you have a 2-year fix for example and difference between 1&3 is £539.04 but then you're paying £1995 arrangement fee it wouldn't stack up based on that, there are other factors which need to be considered mainly around your tax status and future intentions.


Hope this helps



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