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Spreadsheets for properties

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Hi John,


If you run a search in the forum search above, this will bring up pages of posts linked to spreadsheet requests, links to spreadsheets or attached spreadsheets available for download, of which I expect there will be many that are of interest to you and will show you a variety of different options.


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@apollo...as per my update, use the forum search option.  This may explain why in nearly 3 days no-one else has replied, you need to do a little work yourselves and not just expect everyone to immediately give you an answer that is easily available :rolleyes:


I just typed 'Spreadsheet' into the Forum search and it came up with 6+ pages of threads containing 'Spreadsheet' and having had a quick look, I found 3 decent spreadsheet on the first page alone.  This took me all of 5 minutes.


Happy searching :D


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I've used my own that I created almost 20 years ago.

I always think you're best of creating your own little 'frankenstein' spreadsheet so it fits the way you work rather than using someone elses.

By all means take a look at others and incorporate their own 'good bits' but create your own.

That spreadsheet of mine is the reason I survived 2008 I reckon (whilst battling in family court against the evil empire that we call 'British Justice'  might I add)

I check my spreadsheet every single day - check off rent coming in , costs and expenses goign out - and it provides me with a cashflow forecast for the next 12 months each and every month.

Hope that's useful !

Daniel Latto

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