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First time buyer BTL options and structuring

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Hi Im new to the forum, and have spent some time looking through the various pages, as some are old and considering recent tax changes I would appreciate some direction to the most up-to-date and comprehensive resources/pages/threads to address my particular query as well as any direct advice anyone has?


About me: My partner and I currently live in Australia and have done for the last three years, where I have been working as a Physiotherapist in regional australia to take advantage of better pay, low cost of living etc. We will be moving back to england in 2019. We intend to begin investing in residential property. Until recently our plan was actually to start out investing in Australia until changes to my visa made that a no go. As such we have already done a lot of research into property investment, however from a financial structuring perspective everything we have learnt so far is about investing in Australia. I am looking for advice as to the best financial structure to facilitate a long term residential property portfolio in england so we can  hit the ground running when we return. As of 2019: 

  • My partner and I will be 26,  we will be living in england, myself working as a Physiotherapist and my partner will be commencing a paid Masters
  • I will be earning £28-35k pa and my partner will be classified as a student but will earn £20k pa for two years
  • We will be completely debt free, aside from student loan
  • we will have £60k total savings
  • we intend to utilise £30k to begin investing in residential property 
  • we will be renting, we do not intend to own our home, and do not forsee doing so in the near future and we currently own no property
  • we intend to invest in positive cashflow properties, circa £100k and hold these properties longterm
  • In Australia we had planned to utilise a trust structure, and own property through this rather than in our own name
  • we do not intend to pay ourselves dividends from any rental profit until such time where our portfolio generates surplus income above our investing needs
  • we intend to reinvest profits into further residential property acquisitions
  • our priority is maximising our ability to expand our portfolio rather than minimise tax



  1. what is the best financial structure to employ to execute this plan in the UK?
  2.  as we do not own any property, will this pose a problem/how can this be negotiated
  3. as my partner will be classified a student, is there any tax benefits we could utilise during this time that would be worthwhile


Appreciate this is a very lengthy post however from previous forums I have been on it seems the more info provided the better. I am not expecting direct answers to my queries just looking for pointers in the right direction for resources that will assist me. I welcome opinions anyone has on the above plan and would really appreciate any guidance on these issues. 



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