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My chances to get a good deal


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I am a company director (LTD). It's been on the market for the last 5 years. Previous year was 9K profit and this year the profit is around 40K. My accountant completed the personal tax return for this year and my total income is around £40K where the £29K is dividends and £11K is salary.


My wife is currently on maternity leave. Before that her salary was around £30K gross. I think she will be able to return and earn the same money shortly.


The property we are looking at is around £550K.


The deposit can be up to £150K


Do you think I have a change to get a good deal ?


What would you recommend ?





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Hi Ceobot


I hope I can shed some light on your enquiry. I am a whole of market adviser so I will do my best!


Most high street bank and building societies will take an average from the last two years for your earnings. I do know specialist lenders who will go off 1 years books for sole trader and LTD co directors although they restrict the borrowing. 


Please drop me a message I would be glad to help. 


All the best 



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