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Hello from Chesterfield, Derbyshire

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Hi Everyone!


Such a big help having all this information to hand and I wanted to explore the networking side of The Property Hub.


I will start from the beginning....... I was a first time buyer 4-5 years ago and I didn't want to buy a new build, I wanted a renovation project. I convinced my wife to do this, oh wow we had a challenge ahead of us!!! We had £25k cash to put into a property and we landed a detached 3 bed house for £135k. Hardly any electrics, no central heating, plaster falling off the walls, rotten floor joists... I fell in love :D


Obviously, this £25k wasn't going to stretch to cover the whole works so we saved money where we could I.e. I did all the plumbing (Except gas), plaster boarding, joinery and kitchen fitting. Guys.... YouTube taught me so much as I had no experience. In total we spent £45k. In total it took 2 years to complete the renovation as I was doing the work in my spare time and after work. We had the house valued at the beginning of the year at £250k. Result......


Since this my cousin and sister-in-law bought similar semi-detached properties requiring the same amount of work. Both of which I managed the renovations and made a great return. I didn't ask, nor want, a penny from them the experience was invaluable for me!!


So the present day....... I am very lucky to be in a position where I can, hopefully, access the equity in my current home (£80-90K) to invest in property.


This is where I need your help....... I am currently employed full time and already in the 40% tax bracket. Hence my thought process being I should set up a Ltd company and leave all the cash in the business. It would be great to get your thoughts on this?  Would you appoint a number of shareholders to extract funds? (I have never set up a company and wouldn't know where to start)


The plan is to purchase one Buy to Sell and one  Buy to Let property per year. Both requiring some form of work to reach their full market potential, refinancing to extract funds throughout, keeping the cash pot healthy.


Thanks for reading and hopefully you will be able provide some insight in to my plans outlined above.


Best Regards,



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