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Questions to ask a potential accountant - Just starting out

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Hi Guys,


Hoping you can help me out here.


I am starting to put together my team (Broker, Accountant, Solicitor etc etc) and due to meet with an accountant tomorrow.


What kind of questions should I be asking? I have put a few questions together but would like to get your advice:-


- What experience do you have in dealing property?

- What qualifications do you have? (Looking for Chartered Accountant)

- Do you provide rates on a fixed cost basis?

- Explain my personal situation. Get their take on outline business plan (Capital gains, Inheritance tax etc)

- What information will you need from me to deal with my accounts?


Thank you in advance.







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Hi Ashley,


I am about to go through the same process. How did it go?


I was planning to probe them about their awareness of the new changes in the tax "exempt" for BTL. 


Depending on whether you're planning to have a limited company or not, I would also ask them about the outline of all taxes and costs that I'll be liable to upfront.



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Hi guys,


Do you know what, I actually let him do most of the talking and probe his experience rather than push my own plans. He covered his experience & what he learnt (Good and Bad). The best one to get to know someone and weigh them up, let them do the talking and you listen.


Afterwards he spent 1.5 hours going through my business plan, then he covered company structure, tax and then what my exit plan was. Literally start to finish..


Hope this helps,





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Hi Ashley,


Quite interesting post in regards to the type of questions that should be asked when dealing with someone for the first time. Specially when you are first starting out.

I find that I am doing so much research and then when it comes down to speaking with a potential team member my brain goes blank in what I should be asking them lol


I myself am just starting out and in talk with Brokers........ Would be helpful if you could throw me some questions to ask potential Brokers in order for me to weigh up my options.




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Hi Marcus


I've set up a new thread under mortgage advice with a response which may help you find a broker.

Regards Simon

Searchlight Finance Ltd

T:01565 654005


Landlord and specialist property finance advisor only dealing with investors, landlords and developers throughout the UK and beyond.

Buy to Let - Commercial Finance - Bridging Loans - Development Finance - HMO Finance - Refurbishment Loans - Multi Let - Limited Company - Student Lets - Portfolio Finance

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