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Impacting of reducing Property value on LTD transfer


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I’m transferring a personal BTL to a LTD company, there is no mortgage so the full value of the property, £240k based on a  Zoopla  desktop valuation, will be added to the company accounts as a directors loan which means I can draw down tax free in future years.


i strongly feel my property is over valued by £20-40k  and am wondering if it’s worth getting proper evaluations based on the actual state of the property.


i question this because although I could  save as much as £2k in SDLT by reducing the property value I also wipe around £40k off of potential  long term tax-free withdrawals.


its possible my logic is flawed so I’d like to get input.



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Hi Robin

Wondered if you got this resolved or others can shed some light on the rules around valuation in this circumstance?

Is there an official way of getting an appropriate valuation to use for CGT and SDLT purposes?

Thanks for any help offered.


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