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Anyone used Rent Connect? (rentconnect.co.uk)

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Hi guys,


Has anyone used (or heard of) Rent Connect (http://www.rentconnect.co.uk/) to rent out their BTL's before? I can't find any reviews on them online.


I've been told in London they deal with homeless tenants and people in need but outside of London they assist people with moving, for example the tenants they deal with have to be full time employed without pets but earning as a family less than £29k. So the tenants they place in your property will be full time employed and either stationed there temporarily due to insurance work or need help with moving due to their low income. Pets are NOT permitted and the tenants get inspected every 6 weeks.


The offered me £800pm which not "too good to be true" for the property but is on the higher end of the rent I was looking for.


Any feedback would be great before I commit next week.




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Tenants from hell living next door to you,  courtesy of Rent Connect .

One of the flats in our building had tenants from Rent connect. A family of 5 or 6, council tenants on benefits,  in a 2 bed flat. 3 times per week there were beatings and screams, no one in the building could sleep at night. We didnt know exactly who is beating who in the beginning , however the police were called often to the property and once when we happened to be there  there when the  police came and the mother in that family  was telling police her kids beat her up and locked her out of the property and she called the police to help her get back into the property. With all the beatings, police attending  and the screaming Rent Connect kept them in the property for about two years. When they moved out the refurbishment of the property took a month and they had to replace every single door in the property. All the doors the builders took out of the property and we saw had multiple fist holes through them. It was re - rented to a private tenant this time, probably the extensive damage to the property taught the landlord a very good lesson. So  much for the  Rent Connect promise of checking the tenants every 6 weeks, that didnt stop police attending regularly and didnt stop the fists flying into doors and walls into that property.


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HI yes same issue here.  A family of 9 moved into a 3 bed house on our street. 

There were arguments - shouting and swearing all day every day, from inside the property and in the garden, disturbing all of the immediate neighbours. To be fair the adults in the house were generally friendly and polite when you interacted with them but they did create a lot of noise nuisance. As a result I had to get in touch with Rent Connect to express my concerns. However the person I spoke to at Rent Connect was one of the most rudest most unprofessional, aggressive and unhelpful people I have ever had to deal with.  Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when they tenants finally moved out but we are worried about who they will move in next. The property was also left in very poor state by all accounts.  

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