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HELP - Tenant split from partner and now has to apply for benefits as has informed she might not be able to afford rent

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Hi All,


I am facing a situation and I am not sure what to do. I have had some great tenants in my property for the last five years. They are a couple with a little girl of 4 who has just started school in the areas. They have recently informed me that they are splitting up. The guy is leaving the property and renting somewhere else close by. The woman wants to stay in the property. She has recently asked for a meeting to discuss the situation. She wants to discuss a new contract but she has suggested that she will have to apply for benefits as she may not be able to afford the whole rent on her own. I am not really sure what to do here. They have been great tenants for the last five years, they recently signed a new AST (in September). Any help and advice on what I should do would be much appreciated. 




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Hi J,


There are a few decisions you need to make.


Firstly, is what the lady can afford an acceptable amount of rent to you given that she's been a great tenant?


If not then you should serve their notice at the end of their AST - if it's a 12 month AST the ex-partner is still required to help pay for the property (so long as his name was on the AST too?)



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Hi, sorry to kind of highjack this post but I have a similar issue where the tenants have split and he is wanting to stay but is wanting to write a new AST with just him on it. I dont mind who lives there as long as the rent is being paid but im unsure legally whether or not I can give him a new one without her on without confirming with her. The current AST was for 6 months and is now rolling.


Thanks in advance.

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