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First time buyer with £100k that is looking to start property investing

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Following listening to the PropertyHub podcasts, I have gained some basic knowledge of property investing but I require advice to proceed further.


I am a 1st time buyer with a help-to-buy ISA and have £100,000 in savings. I want to move out of my parents house and into my own. I want to have a buy-to-let mortgage but also utilising the help-to-buy ISA so I believe I am required to be a home owner to obtain a help-to-buy.


Please can anybody advise me on how to go about utilising a mortgage broker and also what the best plan is for starting my property portfolio.


Any advice will be appreciated, thank you.



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Hi Oscar


I would recommend focusing on the residential first. Once you have been in your home for 6 months, you will find it far easier to obtain BTL funding. If you try to do both at the same time you will run into many problems that go away once your residential is complete. Dont forget the government bonus is paid out after completion, too late to actually use as deposit. I honestly don't know if there are restrictions on those funds then being put into savings that are used for BTL. I would run this past a solicitor.


My advice would be to speak to plenty of brokers, these days residential is pretty simple compared to the complex BTL lending market, so focus on finding a broker that really understands BTL, that you feel really understands what you are trying to achieve and someone you simply feel confident in. Some brokers are going to be more used to the professional investors and might skip over some of the basic knowledge you need, some might be cagey and refuse to mention lenders etc, others might not be as experienced, or have access to the widest selection of lenders. The more you speak with, the more you will appreciate the differences. Almost any broker should be happy to talk for 30-60 minutes with no obligation, but i would choose your broker before getting them to start undertaking more extensive work for you such as ID checks, DIP's and applications.


If you are serious about growing a portfolio, get the right team, a builder, broker, solicitor and accountant you trust. There are pitfalls and getting the right advice might seem expensive upfront, but will pay dividends down the road.

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