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Private Residential Tenancy advice - Scotland

Murray D

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I currently have some tenants who are on a short assured tenancy agreement that has been on a rolling month to month agreement for at least six months, if not a year. I heard about the PRT's that are being introduced and had thought about trying to move my tenants on to it as I missed a few vital documents when the original tenancy was set up. I thought that if I started the new PRT I could issue those documents when this contract begins. Does anyone have any thoughts on this and what information do I need to give the tenants in advance of issuing the PRT? I phoned the Scottish Government - Housing and Social Justice help line but the guy wasnt much help he said just to issue the documents now and leave them on the current rolling contract but I am worried as the TIP mentions it should be issued before they sign their tenant agreement and I don't know if that might come back to bite me.


Any help would be much appreciated



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