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Top 10 (actually useful) Android Apps

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Share your apps that make your smartphone make you smarter!


1. Swiftkey

A keyboard that up until a few weeks ago cost a few quid and for some reason they've made it free.  Say goodbye to slow inaccurate typing, this keyboard's autocorrection is very very sophisticated.  It's also very spooky, as after a while its predictive text gets very good at knowing what you're about to write!


2.  Google Keep

Plenty of note-taking apps out there so all very subjective, but in the end I settled for this one.  It's the simplest, easiest and quickest way.  Easy categorise notes, have time-based or location-based reminders, share/edit notes with family/colleagues, and all cloud-based so you will never lose your musings.


3.  My Backup Pro

Worth shelling the couple of pounds.  Can be set up to periodically back up all your data, so if you ever lose your phone or you're upgrading to a different phone you simply transfer all your photos/apps/text messages etc to the new phone.


4.  aCalendar 

Plenty of calendars, but I use this one as a full-page widget so that I can easily see what and when my next exciting appointment is.


5.  Regularly

For the anal timekeepers.  When was the last time you had a haircut?  When's the last time you went abroad? When's the last time you checked your tyre pressures? When's the last time your gas bill was paid?  When's the NEXT time you will do all these things?  This app allows your to customise times and it'll remind you when the next schedule is.


6. Beyondpod

The free version does the job. I can't listen to radio anymore the ads are turning my brain into mush, so I just download podcasts instead.  This app is  the most intuitive podcast manager I've found, only downside is that you can't review the Property Podcast so you won't get your name read out.


7.  TuneIn

For those that do listen to radio, this app has all the radio stations on the planet in an easy-to-use app


8. Spotify

Over 20 millions songs at your finger-tips, if you fork out for the subscription you'll never need to buy a song again,


9.  Duolingo

Need to learn a language?  This free app is threatening to destroy Rosetta Stone's £100s business model.


10.  First Aid

Bored on the tube with no signal? Brush up on what you should do in a medical emergency.  Easy quizzes help the info stick in your brain.

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Great thread Silvio! I've just got a new Android tablet so good timing for me...


I'll add:


  • Pocket: Great for nabbing interesting articles you spot around the internet for reading later (including while you're offline)
  • LastPass: My current obsession. Once you enter your master password it auto-fills all your app and online passwords for you, which saves so much time
  • ES File Explorer: Boring, but you need a file manager and this is the best one I've found
  • Clockwork Tomato: For measuring out those stints of Pomodoro work!
  • Relax And Sleep: Lots of different types of ambient noise to help you drift off, if The Property Podcast isn't doing it for you...

As well as those, with the apps for Trello/Google Drive/Hipchat etc I can basically run my business from my tablet, which is pretty insane really.

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Whoops slipped when typing the above.

Stick Cricket - no clever reason that will help you with your working life. It is just awesome. Useful when sat on the throne.

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Loving Lastpass - once I took the massive leap of faith entrusting them with all my passwords, it's a great time saver.  Also very useful saving credit cards/passport photos, NI number etc...



I'm also going to add a couple more -


DiskUsage - if you're wondering why your mobile is always running out of storage.

Hullomail - it saves your voicemails in a cloud, plus has a visual interface so if for example you have 18 voicemails, you can skip to any one you want instantly at the touch of a button.

CloudMagic - as someone who uses several email addresses, this app combines them all into one inbox.


And Mark as for StickCricket, I suppose technically when one is on the throne I suppose it could be classified 'actually useful'!...

The Liverpool Meetup takes place on the first Thursday of every month, find out more here

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Stick Cricket - no clever reason that will help you with your working life. It is just awesome. Useful when sat on the throne.



Oh no...I'd forgotten about Stick Cricket - back when I was an employee this must have accounted for half of my "working" hours. Now you've let the genie out of the bottle again!

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