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BTL Advice for 18 Year Old New Investor

ben hood

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Hi All,


Just wondered if anyone could give me a little advice/point me in the right direction - thanks in advance!


I'm 18 and looking to invest in my first BTL single let property. 

My father has agreed to allow me to raise finance on our family home, which means I can be a cash buyer. After a refurbishment, 6 months later I'd hope to refinance at a higher value with 75% LTV in order to repay the mortgage/bridging loan on our family home. Any surplus, I suspect around 10-15K, would be paid off with my own funds so I was the sole owner. 


Couple of complications!:


I'm 18

I'll be a student for 3 years from October

I have no other income


As a result, just wondered if it would be better to do this through a company or whether even in a Ltd company my demographic still wouldn't be acceptable for a mortgage.


Secondly, the first stage of finance on our family home: I know bridging can be quite expensive so I'm a little hesitant but I also know taking out a mortgage and paying it off in six months time isn't the right thing to do either...


Any suggestions?


Thanks all in advance,




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