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Newbie in Manchester seeking advice

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Hi all,


After years of procrastination, R&Rs (most excellent) podcast has encouraged me to get off my butt (at the age of 44) and get some property investment plans in place with my other half.


I'm working through the dreamline, have the seeds of a stratregy crystallising in my mind and have a number of towns/areas I'm interested in to spread a portfolio of properties across GM and the surrounding areas.


I'm fortunate enough to have a reasonable sum to invest, so should be able to move fairly quickly to establish something. I'll be setting up a limited company to invest through and will be looking to purchase some BTLs, possibly a holiday home and keeping a reasonable sum of cash to do some flipping, all of which should keep me and my wife quite busy. I'll be keeping a full time job too so this will be a side line and managed/outsourced as much as possible. 


We have some limited experience having flipped a property a few years back and making a bit of cash renovating it and becoming accidental landlords a couple of years ago also. But we are now keen to step it up and take it to the next level.


But I have a couple of questions I wondered if anyone could help with:


1 Can anyone recomend a good mortgage advisor in the South Manchester, East Cheshire area I can speak with, Im keen on face-to-face meetings where possible but do want to discuss how far my money can stretch on a prudent manner.


2 I'm aiming to purchase around 8 BTLs most likely over the next 12 months - but that will make me a portfolio investor pretty quickly - on that basis os there anything I can do at the outset to minimise the pain of the mortgage applications? 


3. Any idea what the best way is to set up a limited company and should I set up one for the rental side and one for the flipping side?


Any advice would be welcomed and if there are any places left at the Manchester hub meet up next week I'll try to get along to that also.


Cheers everyone!


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good post and good to hear you are ready to get going.


in terms of a Mortgage advisor I can highly recommend Gary Moore at Haven Ifa I am sure he would be happy to help he is also based in South Manchester. His email address is gmoore@havenifa.co.uk


being based in South Manchester myself I would be happy to help if I can feel free to drop me a line johnlugsden@live.com it never hurts to have a sounding board


good luck 

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