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Self Assessment Problem

Steve Brown

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Hi all,


This post is to see if anybody has had a similar problem to me this year, and if so to seek mutual solace that we are not alone!!


I submitted my return in October, online. The amount was low enough to be paid through PAYE, which I opted for.


At the start of 2018 I was getting text messages from HMRC reminding me to pay. I logged in and my account said "You have nothing to pay" which I took as confirmation it would be taken through PAYE.


However by yesterday this was still niggling me so I logged in. My account was now saying I had to pay by close of play 31/1/18 (the 2016/17 payment deadline). Not only that but the amount had increase by almost £400.


I rang the self assessment hotline but naturally being the deadline day I could not get through despite being on hold for 35 minutes.


I have written them a letter today to try and find out what the situation is and to try and stave off any penalties for late payment.


A quick google search brought up a couple of accountancy firm websites referring to a problem I could not understand around some 2016/17 payments on account being mis-recognised as payments for a previous year. Not sure if that is relevant to my situation as I haven't tried to make any payments. My wife's return went through with no problems, however we were always opting to pay hers immediately.



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