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Would you buy a property with Knotweed growing in adjacent woodland?

t singh

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Would be grateful for any advice. We are considering putting an offer a house that has japanese knotweed growing in the woodlands behind the property. The property grounds itself does not have any of the weed and its only situated in the woodlands but its close to the property line. The woodlands is owned by a private college and is being treated by Eco Control Solutions since 2016. There's about 20% of the weed remaining and their last treatment is due next year and they say it will be eradicated by Nov 2018. They have a 10 year warranty in place and will monitor the area and £100,000 property damage cover. In this situation would you still be happy to place an offer on the house? I'm not familiar with japanese kotweed, never heard it before until the estate agent mentioned it, so any advice would be helpful.
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Hi Taj


I'd tread carefully, any sniff of knotweed and both mortgage and insurance companies tend to run a mile! We recently sold our property in London and the lazy surveyor noted 'possible knotweed' in his report and everything stopped dead. We knew there was no knotweed, the garden was merely overgrown due to the property having been vacant over the summer months (whilst it was re-furbished), but had to pay for a specialist company to come out and verify that there was none.

Thankfully there wasn't.. but it cost us financially. 


I would check with mortgage and insurance companies first to see if you'd be able to get cover. I'd also pay to get a specialist company to survey the garden should you decide to offer (approx £500). Knotweed is very nasty stuff, spreads quickly and is extremely difficult to get rid of. Once it is known in an area it will tend to be labelled as a black spot. Sorry.


Hope that helps



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