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Critique My Joint Venture Investor Pack

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Hi everyone,


My name is Rob and it would be great if you can offer some advice on my proposed joint venture. I have attached an investor pack that summarises the joint venture and at this point just provides a brief overview.


What would be great is if you can critique the proposed offer using your experiences? e.g. does it sound interesting? plausible?


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks,


Rob McCarthy


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Hi Rob


I do applaud you for attempting to pull together a professional looking pack. Here is some initial feedback for you:


1. It's too long and spread out - consider having a one-page teaser and then a follow up document. Even in a follow up document it should be smaller than the 12 pages you have shown, use columns, have smaller tables, use less words and more bullet points, images, etc.

2. You might struggle with the risk / return offer here and you don't really mention security, but who knows!

3. You are pushing out risk-sharing JVs...you need to be very careful with the law and regulations around that. For example, you cannot pitch a  risk-sharing project to someone that is not a sophisticated or high net worth investor, so check the rules before you go too far down the track.

4. I would remove some of the personal contact info, especially when sharing on forums such as this...you don't know who could be scraping your personal info.

5. I would show more about the case studies you have already undertaken, what were the results on these? What is the evidence behind the results / projections?

6. As you are effectively doing this part-time and working full-time, it strikes me as a pitch to friends and family the way it is presented at least. If intended as a pitch to others, I would shift the emphasis away from your job and doing it evenings and weekends and present a formal project plan...it doesn't matter if you plan to complete 20 hours per week on the project if these are on Saturdays and Sundays as long as 20 hours are completed. Just one way of approaching that without it sounding like a hobby really.


Hope that helps,




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