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New Glasgow based investor

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Hi All, 


as the title suggests im Glasgow based and planning to officially start investing in property this year with my main strategy to be founded on Buy-Refurb-Refinance -Let single-let flats to start with, then move into HMO (Student market) and flips. My ultimate ambition is to replace and improve on my current salary with passive rental income and replace my day-to-day with running my own property development business.  


I'm a Chartered Civil Engineer by trade but I've been around property development since a young age due to my parents interest in it and I've always looked at property with an investment view. My partner and I bought our first home late 2016, with the aim of using it as a practice run... it is a 1 bed West End tenement flat, which had no central heating, terrible floors, a kitchen from the 60's and generally looked like money hadn't been spent for >15 years.  Took the plunge and just about to get the bathroom finished as the final piece of the puzzle after which its looking like a good investment given recent similar property sales and HR values on our street.  


I've been bingeing books, podcasts (thanks @robert dix and @rob bence , great material!) and youtube videos for the bones of three years now, so keen to get my first investment under my belt this year.


Looking forward to getting to know other investors in the glasgow area so please feel free to get in touch, (as i've exhausted all tactics of steering chat to property with my mates) and keen to swap recommendations for trade professionals, brokers, solicitors etc in Glasgow and discuss leads/strategies with other investors.




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Hi Paul,

Glasgow Property Hub meetup is on first Thursday evently of every month at the Dram, Woodland Road. Looking forward to meeting you on the next one.


Kind regards,



The Glasgow Meet up takes place on the first Thursday of every month, find out more here

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Any update with how you are getting on? I too am starting to look to invest in Glasgow and was thinking of either buying an HMO or using the strategy of buying, refurbishing then refinancing. Have you been finding this easy to do? Thanks 


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