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Career in Property Sourcing

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Hi All,

I love property but am still not in a position to buy. I am really keen to do something in property especially if it can help me raise capital. Recently went on a property course and they talked about Sourcing Property as a career and a potential of earning around 3k per property on completion. Is this anyone here has done? How would I get into this line of work? Does it require being a way from home a lot of the time?




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Hi Fer'ha,


There are some people who say you can source from a distance, and others that say you can only source in your own local area.  What I do know is that there is more money made by people selling courses on how to source than doing it themselves.


Unfortunately I cannot point you in the right direction, but I can advise you to please be careful of the various courses.... people are quick to sell a dream. 








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Hi Fez,


I personally can't comment on building up a portfolio via property sourcing as I went down a different route however my advice would be to get to know your local area really really well. If you can get to know your area really well and know all the good streets and what you should buy and what you shouldn't that is value and with that you can look to generate an income.


You can then look to get involved with these properties by selling them on to other investors or even manage them?

If you find something at a great price and the figures add up then an investor will want to get on board in some capacity.


If you are offering something that stacks up and will make someone money then you shouldn't have much of a problem passing it on. By making yourself investable you will can get into property without using your own funds and beter still, if you have all this knowledge when you are in a position to buy then you should hit the ground running and save a lot of money by avoiding pitfalls.


I'm getting sick of agreeing with Darren however he does make a good point of why do people sell the courses if they are doing so well?


My advice is to master you're own area and learn everything you can about it and then that's where you make your money. Further to this rub shoulders with people who have done it before and can show you how to replicate it to become successful, you will probably find that at most many will just ask you to cover their time if it's intensive. Maybe suggest 30 minutes once a month and go from there?


Hope this helps





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