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Recommendations for Sourcing Agents in North

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Hello lovely people!


This forum has been such a useful find! I've learnt so much scouring through all the posts and I'm so glad to have found the podcast! 

My partner and I are intending to visit the North and hope that you guys can recommend any sourcing agents/estate agents in the Northern areas such as Glasgow, Hull, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Liverpool, Birmingham & Crewe as we will be investing remotely. 

Please feel free to comment or email me at sh.propportunity@gmail.com for a chat!


Thank you so much!






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Hello SH,


We are based just outside of Manchester.


We help first time investors all the way up to seasoned pros invest in Manchester, Liverpool & Birmingham.


drop me an email at charles@1invest.co.uk or give me a call any time at 07966225423



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