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Splitting house and garden plot - help!

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Hi all,


Looking for some advice as I don't seem to be able to get a clear answer from estate agent or potential conveyancers.


I'm selling a property which has planning permission for the garden, as two 'lots' - the house as one, the land as one. I own both freehold and leasehold of the property, which is registered as one title at present.


I'm selling the house to one party, and the land to another party.


I understand I will need to split the title, but not how to do it, what it will cost, and if I need to sort that out before going ahead with the two transactions. Also I don't know if I'm selling as freehold or leasehold, and how that will work. (This came about because I bought as leasehold, 700-odd years, then had a heated debate with the freeholder over renting the property out, resulting in my decision to purchase the freehold from them and save the trouble. I'm not a strategic thinker.)


Has anyone done something similar and can advise? I know it'll be more costly because of the two transactions involved, but I can't get an accurate figure at present because I don't know what the process is.



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