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Liverpool areas and sourcing companies

Adam  Ghaibi

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Hi all,


I'd be grateful for some guidance on investing in Liverpool (120k max budget) probably through a sourcing company.


My story:


I have 3 properties all in the southwest, am remortgaging to release equity and hope to have about 30k to invest.  As you can imagine this won't stretch very far in the areas I'm familiar with (Bristol, Wiltshire) so now looking to broaden my horizons.  I studied in Liverpool in the early 2000's, loved it and hope that I'm now in a position to invest.




I'm in the military and have just returned from a couple of years overseas so am a little out of touch, for various reasons I'm also unable to devote much time to searching beyond getting on right move, so will likely need a sourcing company (or a lot of advice) to pick the right property.  Ideally I'd like a fire and forget, already tenanted and managed property with a good yield (wouldn't we all!), I realise that not being able to devote much time to the endeavor I'm not going to get the deal of the century, just need a reasonably good one to keep my strategy moving in the right direction and not lose momentum.




Having had a scan of previous topics on the forum and a good rummage through rightmove and zoopla it seems there is plenty of opportunity.  I don't think I'm likely to get in on any city centre locations, but Wavertree/Dingle/Kensington look promising. 


I'm not keen on the idea of student accommodation and not averse to, but have no experience of, benefits tenants  Would like to aim for a 2/3 bed professional or family let.




Where have people invested/recommend investing?  Is it worth going for 2 super cheap properties in less desirable areas?


Any advice on sourcing companies? Have been recommended Property Sourcing Liverpool, but not found much online in the way of testimonials etc  and a bit nervous about throwing money down the drain for a poor service.  Do I even need a sourcing company, or is the Liverpool market such that I could I do a thorough online sift and view a few properties in a day?


Been in touch with RMP, but unfortunately can't get to London to make it work anytime soon.


Aims - Would sacrifice some yield for potential capital gain over the long (ish) term, plan to hold all properties for the long run.


Really appreciate any pointers and if I can help anyone with any advice on my neck of the woods, please let me know.








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You’re both missing out; the Brewery Tap's a great wee spot for a brew and a bit of banter on the edge of the Baltic Triangle every first Thursday!


In fairness Adam your desktop research isn't too far off the mark with some of the preconceptions you arrived at.


You could find a couple of two-bed terrace houses in each of those areas within your budget needing a bit of work and also demand from working tenants with potential for yield and growth 'but' there are streets in each of these same areas working tenants may not be interested in.


If you concentrate on a single area and arrange your viewings tomorrow in advance, add the addresses into Google maps for a dummy run of the best route when you arrive you'll be able to kick off your viewing schedule first thing Friday morning and you'll be surprised at how many you get through. A vendor met me at 8 pm last week - sure isn't the stretch in the evenings these days only mighty! 


Anyway less of the excuses we'd a guy over from Japan the month before last so see you in the Brewery Tap tomorrow!




Adam, I'm also down in Bristol every couple of months in the Arnos Vale area if you’re really unable to make it up and fancy a brew but Ed I'm only going as far as Bali this year so unless you can make it to Potato Head Beach feel free to message me and I'll be happy to answer any specific questions you have.

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Hello all, just to say we are in the same boat here.  London based and looking at Liverpool with the same criteria.  I've been trying to get to meet ups for a few months but I have a small baby and the meet ups are too late to bring him with me and for various reasons I can't leave him with anyone yet.  I've been researching online like you Adam and Ed and come up with probably the same list of areas to look at- those mentioned in the other thread by Rob; 

Albert Docks

Baltic Triangle


Georgian Quarter


Sefton Park and Aigburth



CP- I'm interested in your comment "there are streets in each of these same areas working tenants may not be interested in".  Any no go streets you could advise me of?  We have bought a place before that we did the cosmetics on ourselves so we are happy to do some light refurb and wouldn't turn down an opportunity in a less fashionable area for potential capital growth in the long term if it needed a little work.


Going to contact some agents tomorrow and Monday and book a few places from rightmove/any they suggest in each of the above areas over 2 days next week and then travel up for an overnight.  I will try to feed back to you about any good streets/areas we find.

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Congrats on the wee addition, it's a tricky balancing act getting away for viewings when they're that young, never mind getting time in to do research.


If you listen to Chris from Ayrshire on the recent podcast episode 'The Journey: Part 2' he calls out some of the challenges of being a distance investor where even in his own hometown he notes you'll have two properties in streets next to each other, one can be a great buy while the other the exact opposite. Liverpool is no exception to this whereby you can have completely opposite demographics in parallel streets.


It was just for Adam's awareness that in the areas he was interested in there are streets that may not generate demand from working tenants and to flag this so as not to be disappointed if there was only interest from the DSS market. 


If you’re unclear as to demand by tenant type in a particular street you can verify this by contacting independent letting agents (not attached to the sales agent) with properties being advertised on that street or nearby. Walk the street both day and night to better understand the area and if you’re still unsure ask a police officer familiar with the area about that particular street.


With only two days try to focus on what you’re really interested in; Apartments or houses, you may find it challenging to acquire the latter on a low budget in some of the areas you've listed above. What's more important to you growth, yield or a bit of both? Tenant type? Budget? Exit period?  


Feel free to send me a message with answers to the above and I'll forward on details of a few properties worth looking at to get you started on your

Liverpool property journey.


Enjoy the sleep while you can.


Best of luck,



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I’m from Liverpool and help expat investors and investors who arnt from the area find BTL properties in Liverpool and Manchester. 


I’m only to happy to give you an insight in to the areas, and share my knowledge with you, or even review some of the properties that you have found in Rightmove. 


My email address is 







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On 5/1/2018 at 12:34 PM, ed chapman said:

Adam, you have almost exactly described my situation also. Living in Sydney Australia but knowing I want to invest in the UK market there are a lot of similar challanges. A shame that ther hasn't been much response as yet. 


i am a Liverpool based self employed valuer for an online agents and have worked in the area over 15 years for high street  , please drop me an email as I’m starting to source properties for investors in all areas mentioned on the previous emails 


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