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Birmingham or Liverpool?

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Hi Guys,


I am 19 and looking to get into property whilst maintaining my full time job. I am currently catching up on all the episodes by Rob and Rob (which are really really good). 


I am stuck between two areas a lot of people go on about Liverpool being a great place to invest at the moment. Birmingham is another one however I don’t hear Birmingham spoken of as much which I find a bit strange with its big devolpments planned and with the possibility of HS2. 



What are people’s thoughts?

Possible other areas people would recommend. 


Many thanks!

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I am also looking into the possibility of investing in Birmingham. I believe the route connecting Birmingham Curzon Street Station and London Euston will really put Birmingham on the map as a commuter city to London considering the duration of the trip will be cut down to 49mins which is less than what a lot of commuters do daily anyway. I am also looking for recommendations on a good place to invest in Birmingham which is within close proximity of Curzon Street Station. 


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