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Looking for a Mortage broker Birmingham!

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Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Lewis and I am 19 years old. I’m currently serving in the military whilst running my own photo and slide scanning company that is beginning to show steady profit. 


 I have always wanted to invest in property from a very young age. I have grown up enjoying programmes like Homes under The Hammer etc. During a period of  research into property I discovered the Property Podcast. I have started to work my way through the pods casts, enjoying them very much. 
Whilst I am determined and I have done a lot of research, I realise I still have much to learn. Multiple times in the property podcast they mention the best way you can learn is to simply start by purchasing a property. So that is what I want to do!
The area I am looking at investing in is Birmingham;  to be more specific near Lea Hall station. Lea Hall is close to schools and has great transport links. The property I purchase I will want to let out. My target market will be a family with kids looking to settle down in the area - hopefully leading to a long term let. My property will be fully managed by a agent due to my lack of available time and location.
As I am in the forces I am eligible for a forces help to buy scheme. This will cover my deposit.
The property I am looking at is listed at £125,000. I am hoping to get a surveyor in to see if the price is realistic and maybe allow me to negotiate. 
Total Price (at maximum price however hoping for a lower price)- £125,000
Deposit- Around £10,000 
Length- 25 Years 
I am hoping to use Forces Help to buy but I have recently heard this won’t be possible to let the property out. 
I am looking for a mortage broker who will be able to find me a suitable mortgage for someone as young as me with a small deposit. 
Many thanks 
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I know a cracking mortgage broker, Paul McDaid. I've referred a couple of people to him over the years that wanted someone face to face and local, and the feedback was excellent. He's a great guy:




043_logo_final_03.png.0cdf828351f81e6097208048ac2d018d.pngStuart Phillips

Independent, Whole of Market Mortgage Broker

AALTO Mortgages Ltd

Web  www.aaltomortgages.com

Email  sales@aaltomortgages.com

Call  020 7183 1101

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