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Inspiration for 1 bed apartment refurb

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Hi all,


I am about to do a pretty thorough refurbishment of a 1 bed city centre apartment in Dublin. It was built about 20 years ago so is pretty dated and needs new kitchen and bathroom and I'll probably do new floors while I'm at it. 


I like all my properties to have some kind of a hook, something about them that sets them apart  from the hundreds of other more or less identifical apartments out there, and gets them let quicker and attracts tenants who can afford a higher rent.


It can be something about the position, the view, the building, the facilities, or in cases where these are not exceptional, something within the apartment itself.


What are your suggestions to make a standard one bed apartment (c.45sq.m) something a little bit special? Do you have any tricks or tips to make it stick out to a potential tenant who has already seen 20 other identical apartments? 


Thanks for your suggestions,



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