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Furnished Vs Unfurnished

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I am coming close to completion on an 1 bed off plan property ive purchased in Birmingham City Center. I have a slight dilemma whereby the Property management/estate agent who also happened to be selling furniture packs for a lot of the units is advising i purchase the furniture pack. See below for Details: 


"City Pack" = £1,995 + VAT

"Style Pack" = £2,150 + VAT

"Urban Pack" = £2,250 +VAT


He mentions that apartments in the city center usually go for 150-200gbp more per month after being furnished. This would essentially mean after 1 year it would pay its self off.

Now i don't buy into this  and would like to know if anyone has information to back this statement up, or as i suspect hes just trying to hard sell and realistically you might get 20-30/month more after bring furnished? 


(On a side note i think furnishing apartments isnt really worth the hassle as constant phone calls for broken goods etc and when the tenants move in with their own furniture/white goods they tend to stay longer and respect the property a lot more)


Thanks again Hubbers




Home Equity Gains Group 

Property Investor & Developer

http://www.hegg.info ;)

https://www.instagram.com/hegg_ltd/?hl=en B)

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