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Renovations in Manchester

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Hi All,


I am going to be investing in a modest BTL purchase (a yet to be sourced 2 bed traditional terrace) in Manchester in the next few weeks and I am on the hunt for recommendations for good tradesmen who would be able to assist with a renovation / refurb project.


If anyone has any personal recommendations that they wouldn't mind sharing with me I would be very grateful. Im from London so don't have a huge amount of knowledge of the local tradesman market up here in Manchester.





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Hi James,


Good luck with your hunting! I know how hard it can be to source good tradesmen and therefore personal recommendations for me from this neck of the woods are:


  • Rick from QPS plastering services. Does an excellent job, turns up on time and does a full days graft. His website is http://www.qualityplasteringservices.co.uk/ and his contact number is 07865 668116
  • Mick from MABuilding Services. Again did a quality job with some of our renovation, quickly and to a high standard. His contact number is 07782 849422.
  • Keith from KS Building Services. Keith is a time served and excellent joiner / kitchen fitter and can also do a variety of general building / refurb works. His number is 07738 350364

Hope these help, if you want mention they have been recommended by me (Jason Howarth) then thats fine.





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Hi Jason, 


I have actually just agreed today to purchase a two bed terrace in Manchester so the timing of your reply is very welcome.


I will certainly be giving these guys a call in the coming weeks with the hope that they will be able to assist me on this first project and I will certainly mention that you recommended them.


I really appreciate you taking the time to post and to give up some of your contacts.






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