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Ex Council Block

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I’m looking into buying an ex-council block, knocking it down and then rebuilding as a stylish but affordable new set of flats/apartments. It’s my first shot at developing this kind of thing. Financially I’m looking to bridge the lot over a two year period. Do we think this is wise? Or should I try and find funding elsewhere? I expect the cost will be £1.5m-£2m.

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I think you have way too many unknowns in this for anyone to really assist. Can I suggest you break this question down a little and then you are more likely to get assistance. I would be surprised if anyone answered, because to answer with accuracy it would take a few hours !!

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Hi Paul,

I'm so sorry that I never got back to you - thanks so much for the reply. I left the Hub and didn't return for a while! Yeah, this plan went down like a lead balloon, I'm sticking to BTLs I reckon. 

Thanks again Paul and sorry for my ignorance!


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